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Discovery Bible Clubs


Transform your Wednesday or Sunday evenings into exciting Bible Clubs meetings
where children eagerly attend and bring their friends.
Emphasis is placed on Bible study and Scripture memorization.
Includes lesson-related games and activities, blue and red vests for pins and awards 



What is DBC?

 A Bible-centered Youth Curriculum
• Preplanned Weekly Bible Club Meetings
• Lesson-related Games & Activities
• Individual Student Awards System

Discovery Bible Clubs is a mid week program for children ages four through grade six. There are four clubs or age groups: four- and five-year-olds are Helpers; grades one and two are Watchmen; grades three and four are Warriors; and grades five and six are Champions. There are three main sessions during weekly Bible Clubs meetings. During Assembly Time a brief devotional lesson is presented along with other group activities (15 minutes). Club Time is when the club members work in their individual club manuals (45 minutes). During Game Time, refreshments are served and children engage in activities that support the lesson aim (30 minutes). Times for each session may vary. Many churches schedule one hour for the Bible Clubs meeting.

Red and blue vests are worn as a uniform by the club members. Color bars and pins are placed on the vests for achievements gained through completion of manuals, Scripture memorization and other Christian service functions.

Transform your Wednesday or Sunday evenings into exciting Bible-centered meetings where children eagerly attend and bring their friends. Churches may choose any day of the week for their Discovery Bible Clubs meeting.



Q. What version of the Bible do you use?
A. The King James Version

Q. Is there a fee to get in the Discovery Bible Clubs program?
A. No. The only cost is the price of the materials.

Q. Do we have to purchase a Sample Kit to begin the program?
A. No. The Sample Kit is optional. It contains one of each item to give a church an idea of what the literature and materials look like.

Q. How do we order a Sample Kit?
A. The Bible Clubs kit is $49.55. We charge the kits to your church and send them out for a 30 day preview. If you decide not to begin the program, return the kits and there is no charge (except the cost you pay the Post Office for shipping the kit back to us). If you decide to keep the kit, everything in the kit will be usable in the program. To order contact the Orders Department or call 800-264-2482. Order from the webstore.


Some of the components of Bible Clubs




This Kit contains all the materials needed to begin your Discovery Bible Clubs.

• Director’s Manual  • Director’s Binder  • Personal Invitation  • Visitation Pamphlet  • Assembly Lesson Manual  • Record Book  • Songbook  • Club Theme Songs Album (4 CDs)  • Uniform Vest  • Cross Insignia Badge  • Club Badge • Welcome Leaflets (1 for each club)  • Club Member’s Manual (1 for each club)  • Membership Card (1 for each club)  • Fisher of Men Award Pins (1 for each club)



Each club member receives a manual containing Scriptures to memorize, assignments to complete and other activities. Club members place stickers on completed lessons, and they receive a certificate when the entire manual is finished. Helper club members work through one manual per semester while the older clubs work at their own pace. The entire curriculum for Bible Clubs consists of 22 club manuals.

awardsAwards & Badges

bcshirtVests & T-shirts






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