Coming from the author’s preaching background, these studies on the Book of James provide readers with how to live out their faith practically.

Each lesson contains an introduction, several points on the topic being discussed and a conclusion. This would be a fantastic commentary on the book of James, study guide for teachers or pastors for small group Bible studies or personal Bible study of the book of James. (paperback)






Product Description

The book of James encourages all Christians to get down to the business of personal commitment and godly behavior. Holmes focuses on this commitment in his eighteen lesson Bible study book. With an exegetical approach to teaching and preaching Holmes discusses:

  • James Who?
  • Troubles, Troubles, Troubles
  • Does Money Make the Man?
  • How Do You Handle Temptation?
  • In One Ear and Out the Other
  • Give Me That Old Time Religion
  • The Peril of Prejudice (Rich Man/Poor Man)
  • Faith or Works — Which?
  • Stick Out Your Tongue and Say “Ahi”
  • Heavenly Wisdom
  • WWW (But Not Dot Com)
  • Oh Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say!
  • My, Where Has the Time Gone?
  • When Is Wealth Wrong?
  • BE Patient Please
  • Speak the Truth
  • Take It to the Lord In Prayer
  • Brother, I Care!

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