SPLAT (preschool through 6th grade) by Bogard Press

Are you looking for a Sunday School curriculum to help the children’s ministry at your church grow?
The SPLAT Sunday School approach is based on three main goals
    • Present truths that transform
    • Connect students with the cross through life application
    • Produce abundant life in the hearts of students

Active learning allows Sunday School students to get up out of their seats and experience God’s Word. We believe that when students experience transformational truths, they tend to stick with them longer and have lasting effects on their hearts and minds.

Bogard Press' desire is for students to grow closer to Jesus by learning and more about their faith and apply what they have learned as they go through these five areas each week.
    Share — Sharing life with each other.
    Pray — Spending time talking with God.
    Learn — Actively learning the transforming truths found in God’s Word.
    Apply — Apply God's Word to their hearts weekly.
    Tell — Telling others about Jesus.

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Bible Basics (preschool through 6th grade) Bogard Press

For over 25 years, the Bible Basics Sunday School curriculum has equipped teachers in making disciples through God’s Word!
A classic children’s Sunday School curriculum, Bible Basics is the perfect Sunday School solution for traditional churches. Complete with visuals, student activities and teachers’ materials, it has everything teachers need to share the gospel with the children in your church.

What is the teaching approach to Bible Basics Sunday School curriculum?
With a teacher-centered approach to curriculum, Bible Basics provides the teacher with everything he will need in order to communicate Scripture to students. The teacher materials for Bible Basics contain step by step instructions as well as a biblical content for teachers to share with the class. The student materials contain crafts, patterns, puzzles, coloring sheets and much more to help the teacher best communicate Scripture to students.

What sets Bible Basics apart?
Bible Basics Sunday School allows children and teachers to focus their Bible study on specific topics about Christian character and foundation truths about God. The students study the same topic with the Scripture texts varying for each age level.
Bible Basics provides the teacher with resources that are—Easy to use, Time saving, Scripturally focused

Summer Literature is not returnable after 06/04/2022

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