Sunday School literature accepted year round as we have stock.

Bogard Press Donation Policy

1.       Donation orders will be placed through the Promotions department.  The promotions department can be reached through the following methods:  email:;  phone: (903) 793-5133.

2.       The Promotions department will assure that the orders are filled following this procedure.

a.       The Promotions department is responsible to define the ordering process and methodologies to place orders, which will be approved by the Editor-in-Chief and Business Manager.

b.       The Promotions department is responsible for the interactions with the various missionaries and ministries that may possibly receive donations including a method and documentation to assure that those receiving donations comply with procedure line item #4 below.

c.       The Promotions department is responsible for working with Accounting, Inventory, and Warehouse departments to set timelines for donations and to assure that the possible groups receiving donations are properly set up for shipment of donation orders.

3.       Final dates for order to be placed will be defined by the Promotions department in conjunction with Inventory and Management. (Quarterly literature, VBS, etc.)

4.       Donation requests will be divided evenly, up to 10-student increments, among requests following the prioritization found in section 5.

5.       Donation prioritization in filling of orders, under the supervision of the Promotions department: 

a.       Missionaries of the churches of the American Baptist Association (ABA) will get 1st priority.

b.       Ministries of the churches of the ABA will get 2nd priority.  These will be filled only after all orders of missionaries of the churches of the ABA are filled.

c.       Community ministries and non-profit organizations in the general area of the Baptist Book Store will get 3rd priority.  Store manager is responsible for the selection of these ministries.  These will be filled only after all order of missionaries and ministries of the churches of the ABA are filled.

d.       Established churches are not eligible for donations of overprinted/overordered materials.

e.       Items received by missionaries and/or ministries through this donation policy are not authorized by the BSSC to sell the merchandise.

f.        The Promotions department is responsible to including and managing a method and documentation to assure that those receiving donations meet the criteria above (Line items 4a-4d).

g.       This policy does not include samples that are utilized for promotional purposes.

6.       Non-donated materials will be recycled or disposed once storage space is unavailable.

7.       Ministries that receive donations are responsible for shipping, handling and any other additional costs.

8.       Donations will go through an order process similar to the existing order process.  The Promotions department is responsible for producing the order forms and process for ordering.

9.       The max order that will be filled in the first phase of the donation process will be for an equivalent of 10 students per class.  The equivalent of 10 students includes a certain number of teacher, supplemental, and promotional items per a class with 10 students, which will be defined based on typical orders for such groups.

10.   For any class group(s) for which there is not enough materials to fill all the donation orders, all donation orders for that item grouping will be prorated down and all groups will receive effectively the same number of items within that item group.

11.   Once all orders up to 10 students per item group are filled, remaining items will be donated based on a proration of items remaining and the amounts of the original requests.  Thus, a missionary or ministry can request more than items for 10 students, but only items for 10 students will be filled first. 

Once the orders are defined for the donation order cycle, Promotions will place orders with the Warehouse department, who will send out the orders as time and priorities allow.



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