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youth and children's ministry curriculum Bible Challenge by Bogard Pressyouth and children's ministry curriculum Bible Challenge by Bogard Press



The Spanish Sunday School Curriculum by Bogard Press is the perfect choice for Spanish speaking churches looking for doctrinally sound, scripturally focused Sunday School curriculum. They are also a great resource for bilingual classes as well as those wishing to better reach Spanish speakers in their communities. The Sunday School curriculum provides material for everyone from preschool through adults.


  • Adults - The Spanish Adult Study Guide provides the same doctrinally sound, scripturally focused literature and is a direct translation of our Through-the-Bible Adult Sunday School Bible study. This is available in a print version.
  • Teens – For grades 7 – 12 provides materials for both teachers and students. The Spanish High School material for 10th – 12th grades is a translation of our High School Sunday School material while the Spanish Young Teen material for 7th – 9th grades is translated from our Young Teen Sunday School curriculum.
  • Children - Preschool through 6th graders have all they need which follows our Bible Basics children’s Sunday School literature. The materials include Spanish student and teacher books.

*Children & Teen are all available as a packaged download by quarter.

Spanish Curriculum

Our Spanish literatiure is composed of the following Sunday School Categories:



youth and children's ministry curriculum Bible Challenge by Bogard Pressyouth and children's ministry curriculum Bible Challenge by Bogard Press



Spanish Literature is released by quarter in conjuntion with the english quarter content. Material continues for 9 quarters before restarting.


Quarter Guide:

Quarter 1 - Winter 2023

Quarter 2 - Spring 2024

Quarter 3 - Summer 2024



The Adult Through-the-Bible Sunday School curriculum is Bogard Press' top-selling material. It provides students and teachers with an extensive study of Scripture in a ten-year schedule. The discipleship process is knowing and understanding more about God. The Through-the-Bible Adult Sunday School literature has been helping adult learners know and grow in their relationship with God for many years. Teachers can be confident when sharing the doctrinally sound lessons from this literature. Materials are available: lesson commentary, devotional book, PowerPoint resources, and student book in regular and large print.



Designed for 10th through 12th graders. Offers High School Sunday School students a lesson book and a journal for a home study aid. The teacher book is a day-by-day guide in lesson preparation. The student and teacher books are also available in Spanish.

For 7th – 9th grades. Did you know that most people find the person who impacted their lives the most was when they were a junior high or middle school student? This material provides opportunities for the teachers and leaders in your church to be that person for your students. Young Teens often have questions about the Bible, the Lord and the church. Bogard Press Young Teen literature provides biblical guidance to help students answer these questions.

This Sunday School curriculum allows teachers to connect with students through activities, Bible studies, discussion and much more. The students have colorful leaflets with lesson exposition, illustrations and life application stories.

Teen Sunday School lessons are:
 • Doctrinally sound
 • Topical
 • Provides flexibility so that the teacher can better engage students using various learning types.



For over 25 years, the Spanish Bible Basics Sunday School curriculum has equipped teachers in making disciples through God’s Word!
A classic children’s Sunday School curriculum, Spanish Bible Basics is the perfect Sunday School solution for traditional churches. Complete with visuals, student activities and teachers’ materials, it has everything teachers need to share the gospel with the children in your church.

What is the teaching approach to Spanish Bible Basics Sunday School curriculum?
With a teacher-centered approach to curriculum, Spanish Bible Basics provides the teacher with everything he will need in order to communicate Scripture to students. The teacher materials for Spanish Bible Basics contain step by step instructions as well as a biblical content for teachers to share with the class. The student materials contain crafts, patterns, puzzles, coloring sheets and much more to help the teacher best communicate Scripture to students.

What sets Bible Basics apart?
Spanish Bible Basics Sunday School allows children and teachers to focus their Bible study on specific topics about Christian character and foundation truths about God. The students study the same topic with the Scripture texts varying for each age level.
Spanish Bible Basics provides the teacher with resources that are—Easy to use, Time saving, Scripturally focused.