Sunday School DAILY DEVOTIONALS, Winter 2022-2023

Daily Devotionals provides thoughts great for individual or family devotions that correspond with the Through the Bible Adult Study Guide for Sunday School. Also a daily reading schedule to lead you through the Bible in one year.


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The Daily Devotionals are written to follow up or help to prepare the reader’s heart for the next week's Sunday School lesson. Short powerful meditations for each day.


Winter 2022-2023 Quarter at a Glance

Quarterly Theme: The Power of the Holy Spirit Through the Churches.

Quarterly Aim:

The student will observe the power of the Holy Spirit as He works through the church in Jerusalem to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.


The Churches’ Marching Orders      (Acts 1:1-26)
The Holy Spirit Empowers the Churches  (Acts 2:1-47)     
Proclaiming the Risen Savior    (Acts 3:1-26)
Persecution Because of the Gospel   (Acts 4:1-14)
Persecution Causes Churches To Pray   (Acts 4:15-37)
Persecution Reveals Holiness   (Acts 5:1-42)
The Ministry of Deacons    (Acts 6; 7)
The Jerusalem Church Is Scattered   (Acts 8:1-40)
The Enemy Is Changed   (Acts 9:1-43)
Gentiles Receive the Gospel  (Acts 10; 11)
A Praying Church and God’s Power  (Acts 12:1-25)
Missionaries Sent To Start New Churches   (Acts 13:1-52)
Responsibilities of Missionaries   (Acts 14:1-28)



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