Sunday School, SPLAT, 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher Leaflets, Fall Quarter 2024

The SPLAT 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher Leaflets strive to provide teaching options to help lead activities and share Bible truths for Share, Pray, Learn, Apply and Tell times.


Not returnable after 09/01/2024

Product Description

With a bulleted format for ease, the SPLAT 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher Leaflets allow teachers to engage with their students without the bulkiness of a teaching script and to help their students engage in active learning.

The leaflets are full of step-by-step activities and allow teachers to share tasks and easily prepare for substitute teachers. A teacher can choose activities based on how much time he has to prepare, the learning styles of his students and the setup of his classroom.

The SPLAT 3rd & 4th Grade Visuals is another component to use in teaching the students. 





1. Perfectly Prepared Prosperous Plans

2. Spying and Hiding

3. Memory Stones

4. Around About, Blast and Shout

5. I Want to Go!

6. God Provides-Food and Family

7. In Your Shoes

8. Wonderful Willingness

9. Wet Fleece or Dry Fleece

10. Ten Thousand Men-One Drink of Water=Three

Hundred Men

11. Samson’s Sign of Service-His Hair

12. Samson’s Humble Heart

13. Hannah’s Silent Prayer

Theme Lesson—Thank God for Everything

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