The Fellowship Bible Study Series is a foundational thirteen-week Bible study tool. A great resource for personal Bible study or small group studies. 

The Tabernacle provides the most precise description of God's throne in Heaven that can be found in the Bible. It represents His work, His life, His attributes and His character. Discover the greatest theme of all: Jesus is the Savior, the Lamb of God. (paperback)





Product Description

This Old Testament Bible study on the Tabernacle, will take you to places that you never thought the tabernacle could take you. When we read in the Mosaic Law concerning the sacrificial offerings and ceremonial worship, we know what the words say but the cold print on the page does not give us a sense of the emotion involved. We are inclined to feel that the ceremonial worship was a cold ritualistic worship lacking warmth and emotion. Once we embark upon an intense study, however, we discover that the opposite is true. The Tabernacle: An Earthly Shadows in Heavenly Realities shows us these things and more!

Complete with additional questions for small group discussion or journaling after Bible study, this book is great for a small group Bible study or for personal Bible study.


  • Object Lessons From the Past
  • Laying Out the Campsite
  • In the Precincts of the Tabernacle
  • Blueprints for a Tabernacle
  • Looking Up--the Tabernacle Coverings
  • Entrance Through the Hangings
  • Sacrifices at the Brazen Altar
  • Washing at the Brazen Laver
  • Light at the Golden Candlestick
  • Fellowship at the Table of Shewbread
  • Intercession at the Altar of Incense
  • Judgment at the Ark of the Covenant
  • Mercy at the Mercy Seat

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