The Fellowship Bible Study Series is a foundational thirteen-week Bible study tool. A great resource for personal Bible study or small group studies. 

In this third book of a series, the author shares God's remedy for a healthy spiritual heart. (paperback)



Product Description

Many Americans stick to a heart healthy diet to protect their physical heart from heart disease. But what do we do to guard our hearts spiritually? Join Angie Peters on a thirteen week journey to look at what it means to guard or “keep” our hearts as Christians.

The book concludes by looking into the lives of women of the Bible and how they sought to control their own heart problems.

Designed with follow-up or Heart-to-Heart questions for each lesson, this study is great for personal Bible study or small group Bible study.



Section 1: The Heart of the Matter

  • Week 1—Introduction
  • Week 2—It All Starts with the Heart
  • Week 3—Heart Attack!
  • Week 4—The Great Physician



Section 2: Heart-Healthy Habits

  • Week 5—Heart-healthy Habit #1
    Willing To Change: Compliance
  • Week 6—Heart-healthy Habit #2
    Bible Study: Eat Your Carrots!
  • Week 7—Heart-healthy Habit #3
    Prayer: Critical Communication
  • Week 8—Heart-healthy Habit #4
    Beating Stress with Childlike Trust
  • Week 9—Heart-healthy Habit #5
    Controlling the “Heart Murmur” of Discontent


Section 3: A Woman’s Heart

  • Week 10—Leah: A Broken Heart
  • Week 11—Abigail: A Gentle Heart
  • Week 12—The Queen of Sheba: A Seeking Heart
  • Week 13—Conclusion: “One More Thing . . .”


A Note to Leaders

Planning Suggestions

Weekly Leaders’ Notes


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