Bogard Press Tract Donations Policy

1.       Donation orders will be placed through the Promotions department.  The Promotions department can be reached through the following methods:; (903) 793-5133.

2.       The Promotions department will assure that the orders are filled following this procedure.

a.       The Promotions department is responsible to define the ordering process which will be approved by the Business Manager.

b.       The Promotions department is responsible for the interactions with the various churches and missions that may possibly request and receive donations.

c.       The Promotions department is responsible for working with Accounting, Inventory, and Warehouse departments to assure that the possible groups receiving tract donations are properly set up for shipment of donation orders.

3.       Donations will be limited to 500 tracts (20 packages) per church/mission, per calendar year, for U.S.-based churches and missions only.

4.       Donation requests will be filled at no cost to the customer, based upon tract availability.

5.       Donations will go through an order process similar to the existing order process. 

a.       The Promotions department is responsible for producing the order forms and making them available to the BookStore, Customer Service and on the Website.

b.       Tract donation orders will be completed as sales order entry under the Tract Donation account.

c.       If the order cannot be filled due to inventory limitations, Editor in Chief or Business Manager will recommend substitutions.


Tract Donation Order Form