Beyond Basics - Children's Church Curriculum

Bogard Press has remained true to the Word, while serving churches for over 100 years by providing Sunday School and other Bible literature.

The response to the addition of Bible Basics as a second Sunday school option to our children’s curricula has been great.  We are excited to announce the addition of Beyond Basics to our children’s curricula starting in the Fall 2020 to accompany the Bible Basics Sunday School curriculum. Bible Basics is an exciting Children’s Sunday School curriculum that guides your children through the truths of God’s Word.  Continue the excitement of God’s Word for your children with Beyond Basics, a fun, exciting curriculum made just for kids ages 2-5 years old. When combined with Bible Basics this makes a complete option for Sunday School and Children’s Church.


We also offer additional children’s literature to fit other needs in churches.  SPLAT Sunday School curriculum is a chronological Bible study based on an interactive teaching approach. SPLASH children’s church, like Beyond Basics, provides material for churches who offer alternative services for children during regular worship services.  Building Blocks for Life provides quarterly topical Bible studies for age 2 through grade 6.  Bible Challenge and Bible Challenge Junior teach students the importance of hiding God’s Word in their hearts. 


  • Children will learn to worship God through singing praises, engaging crafts and activities and Bible lessons that will build a lifetime foundation on God’s Word.
  • Topical lessons correlate and reinforce Bible Basics Sunday School Curriculum.
  • When used with Bible Basics it makes a complete option for Sunday School and Children’s Church.
  • Provides the director or teacher with complete instructions for guiding children through God’s Word.
  • Devotional GuideA devotional for each day of the week, used for your family’s home devotional time.
  • Resource BookA rich source of reproducible pages to help teach lessons and guide the teacher through instructional activities.
  • VisualsColorful pictures and posters that enhance the lesson and help children visualize the meaning of God’s Word.




Summer Literature is not returnable after 06/03/2023

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