BIBLE ANALYSIS by Albert Garner

Also known as “How to Understand the Bible,” Bible Analysis by Albert Garner comes from the writer’s extensive experience teaching the subject in the classroom. With a desire to share the scientific method of Bible study that enables believers to understand the Bible, Garner breaks down his method of biblical analysis for seminary students, pastors and teachers.

Great for all students of the word including pastors, teachers and seminary students. (hardback)


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Product Description

Utilizing sections to make the book easier to understand, Garner shares about:

  • Bible Analysis and Its Objective
  • The Bible and What it is
  • The Bible and Inspiration
  • The Need of and Command to Study
  • Rightly Dividing the Bible
  • Two Primary Rules for Rightly Understanding the Bible
  • The Five Point Question Rule (Illustrated by book-by-Book Analysis)
  • An Analysis of Spiritual Gifts, Miracles and Divine Healing
  • Analysis of the Pentateuch (In Outline)
  • Practical Benefits from the Old Testament Rightly Divided
  • The Doctrine of Instrumental Music in Christian Worship Analyzed
  • Tithes, Gifts and Offerings
  • Misapplied Scriptures that Lead to Moral and Doctrinal Error
  • The Second Coming and Two-Fold Revelation of Jesus Christ Analyzed
  • An Analysis of the Millennium


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