Splash Children's Church Curriculum


Bogard Press has remained true to the Word, while serving churches for over 100 years by providing Sunday School and other Bible literature.


Welcome to SPLASH Extended Session

SPLASH Stands for: Sing, Pray, Learn, Activity, Scripture, Home

The SPLASH approach is based on three main goals

Present truths that transform

Connect students with the cross through life application 

Produce abundant life in the hearts of students

Active Learning

Active learning allows students to get up out of their seats and experience God’s Word. We believe that when students experience transformational truths, they tend to stick with them longer and have lasting effects on their hearts and minds.

 Scope and Sequence:

The SPLASH Scope and Sequence is designed for Pre-K and Kindergarteners to have a New and Old Testament chronological overview over the course of two years. We know that there is no way for students to cover the entire Bible in two years but we have done our best to highlight the points in Scripture that are the most applicable to Pre-Kindergarteners and to Kindergarteners. The transforming truths chosen also provide children with a biblical foundation as they continue on their journey with Jesus.


The SPLASH curriculum is designed for children in Pre-K or Kindergarten students but can be adapted for older or younger children. These adaptations can be found in each lesson and allow for several different classroom options.

SPLAT and SPLASH working together:

SPLASH is designed to accompany Bogard Press’ SPLAT Sunday School Curriculum. The SPLAT Scope and Sequence for Pre-K /Kindergarten and SPLASH Scope and Sequence coordinate and often allow for reinforcement of the same biblical truth without repetition of activities and fun.


Summer Literature is not returnable after 06/03/2023

Fall Literature is not returnable after 09/02/2023



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The SPLASH Approach

SPLASH allows the children in your church to:

Sing His praises

Pray for His presence and guidance

Learn more about Him

Have fun doing Activities

Memorize Scripture

Go Home and continue learning