Sunday School ADULT STUDY GUIDE, Spring 2023

Provides a practical explanation of the lesson text with inspirational and motivational comments. Great for personal or group Bible study use such as Sunday School to grow in your depth of knowledge about Scripture. Written in easy-to-understand terms.


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The Adult Quarterly provides discussion questions at the end of each of the lessons to generate an in-depth discussion for Sunday School classes to explore how the Scripture can be applied to everyday lives.

The Adult Quarterly is also available in Spanish.

The Adult Large Print Quarterly is available in an 8.5" x 11 format.

For a look deeper into your biblical study, the Adult Lesson Commentary provides more exposition of the lesson text along with word studies and manna. For more daily meditations and thoughts a Daily Devotionals book is available.


Spring 2023 Quarter at a Glance

Churches Starting New Churches

Quarterly Aim:

The student will learn biblical principles of how the Holy Spirit leads church sent, God-called men to start new churches.


The Gospel, Plain and Simple (Acts 15:1-12)
An Open Door for Ministry (Acts 16:6-15)
A New Church in Thessalonica (Acts 17:1-12)
A New Church in Corinth (Acts 18:1-11)
A Mighty Work in Ephesus (Acts 19:10-20)
Ephesian Elders Strengthened (Acts 20:27-38)
Paul Faced Persecution in Jerusalem (Acts 21:18-32)
Paul Shares His Testimony (Acts 22:1-11)
Paul Stirs Up the Sanhedrin (Acts 23:6-16)
Paul Before Felix and Festus (Acts 24:10-16, 24-26; 25:6-12)
Paul Before Agrippa (Acts 26:19-29)
Protection in a Stormy Voyage (Acts 27:14-25, 33-37)
Paul’s Ministry in Rome (Acts 28:16-31)



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