The Fellowship Bible Study Series is a foundational thirteen-week Bible study tool. A great resource for personal Bible study or small group studies. 
WOMAN BY DESIGN: DESIGNED TO INFLUENCE by Angie Peters is a look at the way our faith and God’s blessings on our lives add up to a powerful testimony that we can use to make a tremendous impact on the lives of the many people whose paths cross ours each day. (paperback)



Product Description

Woman by Design: Designed to Influence looks at the unique way God designed women to influence the lives of others and offers an up-close look at the link between our faith and God’s blessings. This study offers readers a simple plan for putting together a powerful personal testimony.

Complete with discussion questions, testimony practice outlines and a devotional with each study, this independent, thirteen-week Bible Study is perfect for your personal quiet time or women’s Bible study group.


  • Jochebed: Faith During Peril, Poverty and Persecution
  • Jochebed: Blessed Beyond Belief
  • Hannah: Faith at the Heart of a Troubled Home
  • Hannah: Satisfaction Instead of Sorrow
  • Mary: Faith Fosters Obedience
  • Mary: An Overflowing Heart
  • The Samaritan Woman: Faith Heals a Troubled Heart
  • The Samaritan Woman's Soul-winning Words
  • Women: Different by Design
  • Gathering Stones: Building Your Testimony
  • The Purpose of a Testimony
  • The Plan for a Testimony
  • The Power of a Testimony

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