A BALANCED LIFE by Doris Scarlett

This biblical study will help readers to gain and maintain their spiritual equilibrium through upsetting and trying times in life. The book explores thirteen scriptural concepts or disciplines necessary for believers to live a balanced Christian life. (paperback)



Product Description

A balanced life is a healthy life, writes Doris Scarlet as she began her book dealing with the joy and fullness Christians may possess despite facing difficulties in this world. The balance, or wholeness she describes, results in peace in the midst of storms, sufficient grace in the midst of pain and trust no matter the circumstances in life. The truth is that without physical balance, one will fall, and without spiritual balance, one will fall into sin or behavior that dishonors Christ.

Comparing living a balanced spiritual life to that of learning to balance riding a bicycle in your physical life provides a visual concept that most people can comprehend and follow. When used with the Bible, this book will help you to understand so much more. Let it help you grow in God’s Word.


  • Place of Reconciliation
  • Process of Growth
  • Plateau of Maturity
  • Law of Love
  • Comfort of Peace
  • Exercise of Faith
  • Tranquility of Order
  • Act of Discipline
  • Grace of Liberality
  • Art of Consideration
  • Value of Work
  • Measure of Faithfulness
  • Blessedness of Hope

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