A HISTORY OF THE BAPTISTS Volume 1 by John T Christian

 A complete and accurate history of the origin and continuity of New Testament churches until they were firmly planted on the North American continent. A true Baptist history, unmarred by the current trend of Protestant thought coloring so many Baptist histories. Volume 1 of two volumes. (hardback)



Product Description

John T. Christian takes readers down a two-volume journey through somewhat dark history of Baptists. We are far removed from many of the circumstances from times past. The representation of the Baptists was often made by enemies who did not scruple, when such a course suited their purpose, to blacken character. Often, because of persecution, Baptists were far more interested in hiding than they were in giving an account of themselves of their whereabouts. 


Chapters from Volume 1 include:

            The New Testament Churches

            The Ancient Churches

            The Struggle Against Corruption

            The Paulician and Bogomil Churches

            The Albigensian, the Petrobrusian, The Henirician, The Arnoldist and the Berengarian Churches

            The Waldensian Churches

            The Origin of the Anabaptist Churches

            The Character of the Anabaptists

            The Reformers Bear Witness to the Baptists

            The Baptists in the Practice of Dipping

            Other Baptist Churches in the Practice of Dipping

            The Practice of Dipping in the Netherlands, Poland, Lithuania and Transylvania Baptist Churches

            The Peasant Wars and the Kingdom of Muenster

            The British Baptist Churches

            The Baptists in Reformation Period in England

            The Episode of John Smyth

            Origin of the Particular Baptist Churches

            A Great Debate on Baptism

            The Rise and Progress of Baptist Institutions and Customs

            The Achievements of the English Baptists

            The Origin of the American Baptist Churches

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