Provides helpful materials for the teachers of BTC Teen and Adult classes. Each lesson includes "Devotional Thoughts," "Examining the Text," "Related Scriptures" and "Relevance of the Text."

Uses King James Version Scriptures only.


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The Sponsor’s Guide is for teachers of Teens Student Book and BTC Adult Quarterly classes. Each lesson includes "Devotional Thoughts", "Examining the Text", "Related Scriptures" and "Relevance of the Text" to help teachers prepare to lead a discussion and dig deeper into the lesson Scripture text with their classes.

The Baptist Training Course is great for Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, or one-on-one discipleship.

Uses King James Version Scriptures only.


Spring 2024 Quarter at a Glance

One Savior for All Sinners

Quarterly Aim:

God provides salvation for every segment and condition of humanity in the person of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Salvation in Jesus (John 14:1-6; Acts 4:12)
Salvation by Grace (Ephesians 2:8-10)
Salvation of a Moralist (Matthew 19:16-30)
Salvation of a Religious Leader (John 3:1-21)
Salvation of an Immoralist (John 4:1-39)
Salvation of a Businessman (Luke 19:1-10)
Salvation of an Employee (Acts 16:16-34)
Salvation of an Official (Acts 8:26-40)
Salvation of a Christ Hater (Acts 9:1-20)
Salvation of a Gentile Leader (Acts 10:1-48)
Salvation of a Blind Man (John 9:1-38)
Salvation of a Condemned Criminal (Luke 23:39-43)
Salvation for All Mankind (Revelation 22:17)

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