This series of lessons is designed solely to prove God created people and made people different from each of the other creations for people are made in the image of God. Children need to know that God created everything. (paperback)





Product Description

A study course designed to refute the theory of evolution. The Bible is the source of all truth and the answer to the question as to the beginning of all matter and life. These lessons are to help students better understand that God did indeed create all things and people are uniquely different from all other matter. 

Each lesson presents Scriptures for the older student to look up. Many suggestions are given to help present each lesson.


This Lesson Guide gives the following lessons:

  1. When God Made Me
  2. When God Made Fish and Flying Things
  3. When God Made Animals
  4. When God Made Plants and Trees
  5. God Created Light and Light Bearers
  6. God Made Angels
  7. God Gave Me a Body
  8. God Gave Me a Spirit
  9. God Gave Me a Mind
  10. God Made Me in His Image

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