This is a nearly four-hundred-page book that sheds light on many aspects of Jesus Christ, God’s Son graciously given to God’s people.

Great for independent or small group Bible study. A must read for all who wish to better understand the gift of Jesus Christ. (paperback)







Product Description

Scarlett shows readers of Christ’s existence and involvement in the lives of men throughout all of Scripture. Scarlett breaks each chapter down into sections so that the reader can easily digest the truths about Jesus and the amazing gift that He is to all believers.

PART ONE (Pre-incarnation of Christ)

  1. Believe or Not Believe
  2. The Word
  3. The Lamb Slain
  4. Names of Christ in the Pentateuch
  5. Old Testament Manifestations
  6. Types in the Tabernacle

PART TWO (Incarnation of Christ)

  1. Mystery of Godliness
  2. The Anointed
  3. Son of God
  4. Son of Man
  5. Symbolic Names
  6. I AM
  7. Lord
  8. Prophet


PART THREE (Post-incarnation of Christ)

  1. Great High Priest
  2. A Rod, a Stem, a Branch
  3. Heaven and Earth
  4. Royalty
  5. King’s Kingdom
  6. Eternal Ages

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