This book is a great read for those wishing to better understand God and how He relates to man. Great for personal Bible study and reflection as well as a great resource for teachers and pastors. (paperback)





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The author’s approach provides readers with the opportunity to realize the facts of unity, plan and purpose found in the Bible. The author believes that it is only through realizing these biblical truths that man can understand God to best of our ability. A.J. Kirkland accomplishes this goal over the course of twelves chapters covering the topics of:

  • God’s Plan
  • God’s Purpose
  • Progressive Revelation
  • God’s Kingdom and Creation
  • God’s Kingdom and Arrangement
  • Man’s Place in God’s Kingdom
  • The Kingdom and the Sin Problem
  • What Sin and Rebellion Did to God’s Kingdom
  • Kingdom Business and the Patriarchs
  • How God Moved in Kingdom Business
  • Prophecy and God’s Kingdom
  • The Nature of Kingdom Manifestation

Also known as Bible Philosophy, God’s Plan with Man is a presentation of the foundational Bible truths. Based on A.J. Kirkland’s lectures given as various Bible conferences and the Texas Baptist Institute, this book was created for seminary students as a systematic study of the Bible as a whole.

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