This book contains many memories of A. J. Kirkland by families and friends. Their memories provide many insights into the preachers and churches of the Missionary Baptist Association. You may very well  find these memoirs  entertaining and enlightening about a man called by God and who dedicated his life to the Lord as His servant. (paperback)





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Allen John Kirkland was born December 4, 1902 at Zavalla, Texas.  His ministry began with his surrender, November 17, 1924 at Odell Church.  He was a pastor of a number of churches from 1926 to a few years before his death.  During these years, he wrote several small books and edited his own religious newspaper, The Baptist Monitor, which he later donated to the Texas Baptist Institute.  He was the second president of Texas Baptist Institute and Seminary, Henderson, Texas, serving from 1950 until his death, February 23, 1972. He served as President of the American Baptist Association in 1953-54.


  1. The Kirkland Family
  2. Marriage and Family
  3. Ministry
  4. Influential Preachers
  5. Associational Issues and The Baptist Monitor
  6. C. Funzapoppin
  7. An Editorial
  8. Books and Booklets
  9. Dedicatory Sermon—A. J. Kirkland Memorial Auditorium
  10. Family Tributes
  11. Texas History and Archives Committee--Letter
  12. Tributes from Friends

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