Redeemed and made alive in Christ, but where has spiritual zeal gone? Why are you not feeling alive in Christ? So many Christians have pondered these questions. You would perhaps gladly declare that you want better fellowship with your Savior; you want to be more devoted in heart to Him. What is holding you back? Has Christian commotion drained you? Have life circumstances appeared so daunting that your faith seems like a dried raisin? Has anxiety riddled your heart and mind more than you care to admit? Life can hurl so much at us that even the children of God can become rattled and dazed. It is time to reconnect!

Come along and find out how Philippians, Unity of Mind & Joy of Spirit, a series of messages presented in simple expositional style, teaches Christians about spiritual joy. This joy is available in Christ regardless of life circumstances. See how the inventory of victories and promises, as well as the character of Jesus Christ can strengthen your soul. Experience how the joy of the Lord can revive you for purposeful living, even in serving others with Christ-like humility.

Dive in and learn how a church can have sweet unity through wholesome and humble thinking, each elevating other members higher than oneself. The apostle Paul expresses how recognizing the Master's loving care and jurisdiction over His child's entire life actually leads to contentment in the Lord. You will be amazed to find out what Paul reveals as our greatest work as children of God. What a worthwhile and fulfilling journey!

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