PRAYER-CLOSET PRAYING Alone with God by Doris Scarlett

This study of Prayer-Closet Praying, Doris Scarlett shares the experiences of people who lived on the earth in the eras of the Old and the New Testament. (paperback)

This book also has a workbook, Prayer Closet Praying Study Guide, to parallel its reading for deeper study. Great for women’s ministry groups or personal Bible study.


This book is also available on Kindle.



Product Description

It examines prayer in the lives of people on earth, in the throne room of God and from the region of hell. We can learn much about the power of prayer by studying prayers offered to God and His reaction to those prayers. We may further examine our own patterns of prayer and compare them to the principles of prayer we find in the Bible.

Over the course of twenty-three chapters, Scarlett looks at biblical characters such as

  • Abraham
  • Jacob
  • Moses
  • Samuel
  • David
  • Nehemiah
  • Mary
  • Cornelius
  • Paul
  • and more

Each chapter is broken down into sections and challenges readers at the end of each chapter with Our Prayer Prompt and a suggested prayer.

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