The BTC Preschool Listen & Learn contains leaflets for ages 2 through 5 that features lessons with Bible story along with activities and coloring page. 

Your children will be enthusiastic with these experiences from the Bible. Jesus lived, died, arose and is coming back again. Your children’s lives can be changed by learning about being happy through Jesus in these Bible Stories.


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Ages 2 through 5 are wonderful years in a child’s development. Wonderful but challenging as well. Getting and keeping a child’s attention while telling these children the most important thing that they will ever hear and that is the Jesus loves them.

The Preschool Listen and Learn leaflets provide teachers and students with a written Bible story to be read in class or at home along with activities and coloring pages.

BTC Teacher and BTC Visuals are also available for teachers to better share the lesson with their students.


Summer 2022 Quarter at a Glance



Quarterly Aim: What is true happiness and how to find it.


Happy When I Am Humble (Matthew 5:1-3; Luke 7:1-1)

Happy When I Am Sad (Matthew 5:4; Luke 22:54-62)

Happy When I Am Meek (Matthew 5:5; 1 Samuel 24:1-19)

Happy When I Am Hungry (Matthew 5:6; Luke 15:1-32)

Happy When I Show Mercy (Matthew 5:7; Luke 10:25-37)_

Happy When I Have a Pure Heart (Matthew 5:8; Daniel 1:8-2)

Happy When I Make Peace (Matthew 5:9; Genesis 13:5-9)

Happy When I Am Mistreated (Matthew 5:10; Acts 16:22-34)

Happy When I Am Laughed At (Matthew 5:11, 12; Genesis 37:5, 11-20)

Happy When I Help Others (Matthew 5:13-16; Acts 19:8, 18-20)

Happy When I Serve God (Matthew 6:19-24; Luke 18:18-27)

Happy When I Depend on God (Matthew 6:25-34; 1 Kings 17:1-6)

Happy When I Listen and Obey (Matthew 7:24-27; James 1:22-25)

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