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The same great practical explanation of Scripture as in the Through-the-Bible Adult Quarterly printed in Spanish. Great for Spanish speaking churches or bilingual Sunday School classes.

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This version of the Adult Quarterly allows for Spanish speaking churches or churches with those who have Spanish as a first language to be able to follow the same Sunday School lessons. The quarterly provides a practical explanation of a lesson’s Scripture text as well as inspirational and motivational comments about the Scripture text.


Spring 2021 Quarter at a Glance

The Kingdom of God on Earth
A Study in Matthew 1 — 13

QUARTERLY AIM: The student will understand the nature of the kingdom of God and will allow Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, to rule and reign in his life.






Jesus Was Born as a King (Matthew 1:1-25)
Jesus Was Presented as a King (Matthew 3:1-17)
Jesus Was Tested as a King (Matthew 4:1-25)
Jesus Taught like a King (Matthew 5:1-48)
Jesus Changed Things like a King (Matthew 6:1—7:29)
Jesus Used the Power of a King (Matthew 8:1-34)
Jesus Dealt with Questions (Matthew 9:1-38)
Jesus Sent Men on a Mission (Matthew 10:1-42)
Jesus Confirmed His Kingdom (Matthew 11:1-30)
The King Fulfilled Prophecy (Matthew 12:1-50)
New Lessons About the Kingdom (Matthew 13:1-30)
More Lessons from the King (Matthew 13:31-58)

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