Adult Sunday School Curriculum


The Adult Through-the-Bible Sunday School curriculum is Bogard Press' top-selling material. It provides students and teachers with an extensive study of Scripture in a ten-year schedule. The discipleship process is knowing and understanding more about God. The Through-the-Bible Adult Sunday School literature has been helping adult learners know and grow in their relationship with God for many years. Teachers can be confident when sharing the doctrinally sound lessons from this literature. Materials are available: lesson commentary, devotional book, PowerPoint resources, and student book in regular and large print.

Available in Spanish.


 Young Adults Sunday School Curriculum

Designed for young adults, ages 18-35, these Sunday School lessons are packed with real-life stories, illustrations, and discussion starters for small group Bible studies. These lessons focus on biblical principles and truths that can be applied in daily life over the course of thirteen weeks.

Summer Literature is not returnable after 06/03/2023

Fall Literature is not returnable after 9/02/2023 


Adult Summer 2023 Introduction



Young Adults Summer 2023 Introduction



Adult Spring

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