THE CHURCH COVENANT: My Sacred Vows by Albert Garner

As a systematic study of the Church Covenant, the Church Covenant, My Sacred Vows provides students with a deeper understanding of the church covenant and its impact on the lives of church members. (paperback)





Product Description

The church covenant reminds church members of their duties and commitment to one another, their pastor, church and the world.

There are thirteen lessons with questions for each lesson. This book is designed to be used by small groups for Bible study.


Studies include

  • Entering into Church Covenant
  • Striving for Church Advancement
  • Promoting Prosperity and Spirituality
  • Sustaining the Church Worship
  • Contributing to the Church
  • Family and Secret Devotions
  • Religious Education
  • Seeking the Salvation of Others
  • Exemplary Deportment
  • Total Abstinence
  • Advancing the Kingdom
  • Watching Over One Another
  • Transfer of Church Membership

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