THE GOLDEN KEY by Ben M Bogard

This book is excellent for seminary students, pastors and teachers as well as all believers wishing to know and understand more about how to study God’s Word. (paperback)





Product Description

The original course in Bible Analysis that has been used in many ABA seminaries for over fifty years. An excellent introduction to the interpretation of the Bible and makes many difficult passages understandable. The chart included is a copy of the same chart that the author used to teach his class on the topic. The book is a series of Bible lectures explaining the chart.

Bogard’s method to Bible study includes:

  • Rightly Dividing the Bible
  • This Age Not Under the Law and the Prophets
  • The Practical Benefit of this Doctrine
  • Miracles: Why They Are and Why They Are Used
  • Rule of Interpretation
  • What Use Have We for the Old Testament?
  • The Journey of the Israelites Typical

Each lecture includes various sections in which Bogard explains the topic in points followed by questions with room for journaling at the end.

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