WOMEN WHO WORSHIP by Doris Scarlett

Doris Scarlett’s, Women Who Worship takes women on a journey through the lives of thirteen women from Scripture who worshiped God. Great for women’s ministries whether for small groups or monthly meetings. It is also excellent for personal Bible study. (paperback)





Product Description

The worship of each Biblical character will reveal to readers a biblical principle about worship. The lives of these women provide modern day women with a guideline for worshiping God today.

Studies include:

  • The God We Worship
  • Nature of Worship
  • Private Worship
  • Public Worship
  • House of Worship
  • Preparation for Worship
  • Hinderances of Worship
  • Acts in Worship
  • Dressed for Worship
  • Service in Worship
  • Posture in Worship
  • Words in Worship
  • Future Worship
  • The God We Worship

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