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Choosing the right Sunday School material can sometimes be overwhelming as different groups have different approaches to studying Scripture. That is why we offer distinct approaches for your groups. Whether you’re looking for a chronological Christ-centered study, a book-by-book study, or studies that look at real life issues, you will find something that fits the needs of all ages in your church.

Second Timothy 2:15 tells us not only to study God’s Word but to rightly divide it! All Bogard Press’ Bible curriculum leads participants into a deeper knowledge and relationship with the Lord. Bogard Press Curriculum is perfect for groups of any size, even for individual study.

Bogard Press has been publishing conservative, biblically, doctrinally sound and always true to the Word Sunday School curriculum for 100 years. Our curriculum for all ages uses the King James Version exclusively in our materials. We offer churches a complete, well-rounded Christian education program.





Adults study in a ten-year Through-the-Bible series schedule. Verse by verse Bible exposition, discussion questions and the lesson commentary helps the student discover more in God’s Word.







Young Adults, for ages 19-35, studies biblical principles and truths that can be applied in their daily living.







High School, for 10th—12th grades, studies topical issues to help make decisions that can impact their lives forever.







Young Teens, for 7th—9th grades, studies topical issues that provide a solid biblical foundation to build their lives upon.






Bible Basics, for preschool—6th grade children, is a topical study with all students learning on their age levels.






SPLAT (Share, Pray, Learn, Apply, Tell) for preschool—6th grade children, is a chronological study allowing each age level to study different parts of the Bible.


Children’s Church:




SPLASH (Sing, Pray, Learn, Activity, Scripture, Home) is a children's chapel curriculum for Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten children presents truth that transforms and connects students with the cross through life application. SPLASH can accompany the SPLAT Sunday School Curriculum, or it can be used as a stand-alone curriculum.


Beyond Basics is designed to equip teachers and parents to effectively teach spiritual truths to 2- to 5-year-old children. Beyond Basics is divided into sections—memory verses, Bible stories, crafts, games, music and review with each section focusing on the theme of the lesson. Beyond Basics can accompany the Bible Basics Sunday School curriculum or be used as a stand-alone curriculum.

Baptist Training Course (BTC):

Studies that can be used in Sunday or Wednesday evening Bible classes or small group studies. They cover practical Bible principles to enrich your Christian life and testimony.

Adult and Teen BTC studies cover Bible principles to enrich students' Christian lives and testimonies.
Junior, Primary, Beginner and Preschool BTC studies are called Building Blocks for Life with lessons directed to prepare children for life with a biblical foundation.


Bible Challenge and Bible Challenge Jr.

A Bible-based program designed to teach students the importance of  learning God’s Word and hiding it in their hearts. Through Bible Challenge, students will obtain a foundation to build upon as they continue to grow into adults. Great for Sunday or Wednesday evenings,  it can be used as a weekly study or used for competitions with other participating churches.

Bible Challenge Jr. is for 3- to 5-year-old children.
Bible Challenge is divided into four grade levels: 1st—3rd grades, 4th—6th grades, 7th—9th grades and 10th—12th grades.