Sunday School SPLAT 1st & 2nd GRADE VISUALS, Spring 2024

SPLAT 1st & 2nd Grade Visuals include puzzles, posters, games and more for your Sunday School class. These interactive teaching visuals are designed to accompany the SPLAT 1st & 2nd Grade Teacher Leaflets.

Uses King James Version Scriptures only.


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Everything from games, to puzzles, real-life photo scenarios, biblical scenarios and more, SPLAT visuals are the perfect way to help share biblical truth to the students in your Sunday School. Teachers will need one set of visuals per class.

Uses King James Version Scriptures only.





1.  A ROCK-HARD HEART (Exodus 7—11)

2.  MAKE THE DOORWAY READY! (Exodus 12:1-32)

3.  PACK YOUR BAGS! (Exodus 12:31-51)

 (Exodus 14)

5.  WHAT’S FOR DINNER? (Numbers 11—14)

6.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  (Exodus 32)

7.  Exodus 33, 34 (Exodus 33, 34)

8.  MY FATHER’S HOUSE (Exodus 36—40)

9.  LET’S DO THIS! (Numbers 13:17—14:10)

10.  ROUND AND ROUND WE GO (Numbers 14)

11.  NO YOU…DIDN’T (Numbers 20)

12.  LOOK AND LIVE!  (Numbers 21:4-9)

13.  DO NOT ENTER (Numbers 22—24)

14. JESUS IS ALIVE! (John 20:1-16)


1.  I have to have a teachable heart. 

2.  Jesus’ blood frees me from the punishment of sin.

3.  When I follow God’s plan, He will always bless me.

4.  I need to trust that God is sovereign. 

5.  I need to be grateful for the blessings God has given me. 

6.  I need to respect and honor God in my worship of Him.

7.  I need to pray openly with God. 

8.  Today I go to my church to meet with fellow-believers and 
worship God.

9.  I have to trust God when I face a big job.

10.  I need to obey God

11.  My actions should always point others to God.

12.  I have to have faith in God to obey him. 

13.  I should obey God when others tempt me to do wrong.

14. I can have eternal life because Jesus is alive.

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