Sunday School SPLAT 3rd & 4th GRADE VISUALS, Spring 2023

SPLAT 3rd & 4th Grade Visuals include puzzles, posters, games and more. These interactive teaching visuals are designed for Sunday School to accompany the SPLAT 3rd & 4th Grade Teacher Leaflets.

Uses King James Version Scriptures only.


Not returnable after 03/05/2023

Product Description

Everything from games, to puzzles, real life photo scenarios, biblical scenarios and more, SPLAT visuals are the perfect way to help share biblical truth to students. Teachers will need one set of visuals per class.

Uses King James Version Scriptures only.




1.  Grow, Grow, Grow (1 Samuel 1:20-28; 2:18-26)

2.  Honoring God’s Will (1 Samuel 9:1—12:12)

3.  Saul’s Not So Brilliant Idea (1 Samuel 15:10-35)

4.  Glorifying God with My Talents (1 Samuel 16:1-13)

5.  Young but Useful (1 Samuel 17:1-52)

6.  Brothers and Friends (1 Samuel 20)

7.  Showing Kindness to the Enemy (1 Samuel 24)

8.  A Tragic End (1 Samuel 31)

9.  What Time Is It?  (2 Samuel 5:1-4)

10. Sin Hurts, Forgiveness Heals (2 Samuel 12:1-14)

11. The Life of a Sheep (Psalm 23)

12. Are You Content? (Psalm 73)

13. Ways of Praise (Psalm 150)

Theme: He Is Not Here! He Is Alive! (Matthew 28:1-10)


1.  When I give my heart to Jesus, I can worship God and grow in Him.

2.  I should obey God.

3.  When I disobey God, I am sinning.

4.  God calls me to do different things that bring Him glory based on the talents He gives me.

5.  God can use me.

6.  God wants me to be a friend to others and love them.

7.  When I am wronged, I am not supposed to seek revenge.

8.  I need to remember that there are consequences to my disobedience.

9.  I must patiently wait for things to happen in God’s time.

10. God forgives me of my sins when I ask for forgiveness.

11. No matter the situation, God will never leave me.

12. I need to be content with what God gives me.

13. I need to praise God in everything I do.

Theme: I should tell everyone that Jesus is alive.



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