Sunday School BIBLE BASICS JUNIOR VISUALS, Summer 2023

The Bible Basics Junior Visuals offers a variety of visual teaching resources for teachers to help enhance the lessons for children in the 5th and 6th grades.


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Product Description

Bible Basics Junior Visuals provides an instruction booklet. Several resources such as room decorations and ready-to-use learning tools are incorporated. 

The Bible Basics Junior Visuals are intended to help the teacher communicate biblical truth to more visual learners. Instructions for how to incorporate the visual into a lesson can be found in the Bible Basics Junior Teacher’s Guide.



Summer 2023 Quarter at a Glance

God’s Love and Power

Quarterly Objective: Learners will tell how God uses His great power to show His love for His people and how His people show their love for Him.



Unit 1: What Love Is Like

The Sower - Matthew 13:1-23; Mark 4:1-12

Abraham’s Love - Genesis 22:1-14

The Twelve Look for the Lost Sheep - Matthew 10:1-16

Esther’s Courage - Esther 3; 4; 5


Unit 2: Jesus’ Church Learns About Love

Attitudes of a Christian- Matthew 5:1-12

The Light of the World - Matthew 5:13-16

The Bondage of Sin - Matthew 6:19-24; Acts 5:1-11

Heavenly Provisions - Matthew 6:25-34

Gates, Teachers and Foundations - Matthew 7:13-23


Unit 3: God’s Power To Deliver His People and Punish the Wicked

Where Are the Nine? - Luke 17:11-19

A Heavenly Homecoming  - Acts 6:8-15; 7:1-60

God’s Vengeance in His Own Time - 2 Kings 9; 10

Rewards and Punishment - 1 Corinthians 3:11-15; 2 Corinthians 5:9, 10; Revelation 20:11-15

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