Sunday School HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER, Summer 2023

A day-by-day guide to aid the teacher of high schoolers in Sunday School lesson preparation. 



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Product Description

The High School Teacher Quarterly includes a day-by-day preparation guide for the teacher. The quarterly also includes a Text Commentary and an answer key to the Student Journal.

Also available in Spanish.


Summer 2023 Quarter at a Glance


A Bible Study of False Doctrines



Lesson 1- Satan’s Lie

Lesson 2- Idol Worship

Lesson 3- God and Other Gods

Lesson 4- The Pharisees

Lesson 5- The Sadducees

Lesson 6- Personal Morality

Lesson 7- Jews and Gentiles

Lesson 8- How We Worship

Lesson 9- Spiritual Gifts

Lesson 10- Law and Grace

Lesson 11- The Second Coming

Lesson 12- The Universal Church

Lesson 13- Protestants and Their Children

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